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Tesla Powerwall


Celebrate energy independence with our Powerwall sales. Store solar energy, reduce bills, and gain peace of mind during outages. Get yours today!


Trained and certified by the Powerwall inventor, our experts deliver a seamless Powerwall installation experience.


Let us elevate Your Tesla Powerwall! We provide expert Powerwall maintenance for peak efficiency and unwavering reliability.

A Tesla Powerwall charger, it’s like having a personal energy vault for your home.

When your solar panels or other sources generate more electricity than you need, it doesn’t go to waste. The Powerwall swoops in, saving that surplus energy for a rainy day, or rather, a cloudy night.

So, when the sun takes a break or the grid plays hide and seek, your Powerwall steps up. It gracefully releases that stored energy, like a superhero with a cape, ensuring your lights stay on and your devices keep humming.

It’s not just smart; it’s brilliant. You’re harnessing clean energy, shrinking those electricity bills, and saying goodbye to the fear of the dark. The Tesla Powerwall: energy revolution at your fingertips.

Energy Backup: Ensure power during outages.

Energy Independence: Reduce reliance on the grid.

Cost Savings: Lower electricity bills with stored energy.

Clean Energy: Support renewable sources.

Remote Monitoring: Control via the Tesla app.

Scalable: Add more Powerwalls as needed.

Environmentally Friendly: Do your part! Reduce your carbon footprint.

We’re not your average certified team; we’re uniquely positioned, with our owner having worked closely with none other than the Tesla Powerwall visionary, Elon Musk, for several years.

From our headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida, our team brings an unmatched level of expertise to every project. You’re not just getting certified installers; you’re tapping into a direct connection to the beating heart of Powerwall innovation.

With us, your energy storage solution is in the hands of true professionals.

Ah, the Powerwall, it’s like a trusty sidekick that doesn’t ask for much.

Now, it’s designed to be low-maintenance, but like any reliable companion, a periodic check-up doesn’t hurt.

We recommend having a certified technician give it a once-over from time to time, just to ensure everything is humming along as it should.

Electrician Installation Services

Tesla Powerwall Installation


Main electrical panels: The heart of your home’s power distribution. They manage electricity flow, keep circuits safe, and give you control. Your home’s energy command center.


Meter boxes: The eyes of your home’s energy consumption. They house your electrical meter, keeping tabs on your power usage for accurate billing. An essential part of the energy equation.


Commercial electric: Powering businesses, schools, and industries. It’s not just about electricity; it’s about keeping operations running smoothly, efficiently, and safely. The backbone of modern commerce.

Absolutely, our Certified Powerwall Installers are not only skilled but also fully licensed and insured electricians, serving the Southwest Florida region. We’re not just installing electricity; we’re ensuring it’s done with the highest level of expertise and professionalism possible!

In the grand scheme of things, a meter box is like the scoreboard for your home’s electricity game.

It’s that sleek little box on the outside of your house that houses your electrical meter. Now, what does it do? It’s the impartial referee, keeping track of how much electricity you’re using. This info is crucial because it’s what your utility company uses to bill you.

In short, the meter box keeps the electricity flowing and your energy bills accurate.”

The main electrical panel – it’s your home’s energy maestro, the conductor of the electrical symphony that powers your world.

Imagine it as the control room where the magic happens, where electricity flows and sparks life into every corner.

But it’s not just a power distribution hub; it’s your fortress of safety. Those circuit breakers? They’re the vigilant guardians, stepping up when things get a bit too electrifying, preventing chaos, fires, and ensuring your peace of mind.

Now, here’s the kicker: it gives you the reins. You decide which room gets the spotlight, and which appliances take the stage. It’s your ultimate power play in the energy game.

 Your main electrical panel isn’t just a box on the wall; it’s the epicenter of your home’s electric dreams, where power meets potential. Always ensure an experienced electrician is the one to work on your main panel!

Alright, let’s dive deeper into the differences. Residential electrical systems are like the heartbeat of your home, powering the essentials like lighting, heating, and your trusty microwave. They’re straightforward and typically have lower energy demands.

Now, commercial systems, they’re a whole different beast. They’re the engines behind businesses, schools, and hospitals. They handle heavy-duty equipment, lighting for vast spaces, and complex HVAC systems. The stakes are higher, the loads are larger, and the safety standards are rigorous.

Think of it this way: residential systems are like sending a car to pick up groceries, while commercial systems are orchestrating a massive logistics operation. Both are crucial, but they require different levels of power, precision, and planning.

So, when it comes to electrical systems, whether you’re powering your home or running a business, it’s all about understanding the unique needs of each and making sure they’re up to the task. Certified Powerwall Installers is here to provide you with the expertise needed to complete your commercial electrical issues!

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